Hahn Loeser’s Patent attorneys are adept at understanding not just our client’s invention, but where it fits in our client’s business strategy and in the overall competitive landscape.

Our licensed patent attorneys and agents have decades of experience advising clients ranging from multinational corporations to mid-market companies, universities, medical centers, and innovative start-ups with respect to their utility and design patent needs both domestically and internationally. Our team includes former engineers and university researchers, a number of whom have master’s degrees and Ph.D.’s., with backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biomedical sciences.

We translate this technical know-how and experience into practical legal advice to help our clients protect their innovations and develop strategies to get those innovations to market.

We also understand that good value and cost predictability are an important component of any patent strategy, be it drafting a handful of patent applications, to managing large national and international patent portfolios. We are skillful at delivering innovative patent services using billing models geared toward each client’s specific needs, including flat fee and portfolio pricing.

Representative Work

–  Pharmaceuticals and ANDA work –  Immunology and Vaccines
–  RNA and DNA technologies –  Biologics
–  Stem Cells –  Radioisotope Separation
–  Proteomics –  Nanotechnology
–  Medical Imaging –  Plants and agriculture
–  Dialysis –  Dental
–  Healthcare Information Technology –  Cleantech
–  Integrated Control Systems –  Automotive technologies
–  Welding equipment –  Automation
–  Telecommunications –  Aerospace
–  High Brightness LEDs –  Polymers
–  Color Integration –  Semiconductor technologies
–  Lasers –  Metals and ceramics
–  Rare Earth Magnets –  Ethanol Processing
–  Software –  Lighting
–  Solar –  Law enforcement and tactical equipment
–  Packaging –  Fuel systems and emissions equipment
–  3D-printing –  Biological materials
–  Construction materials and equipment –  Water purification and treatments

Chemical and Pharmaceutical


Software, Networking and Automation Patents

In the wake of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International , 573 U.S. 208 (2014) and its progeny, protecting software related innovations has never been more challenging. With patent allowance rates in software related technologies at historically low levels and the legal standards for patent subject matter eligibility continuing to evolve, having attorneys with a firm understanding of software and its data structures who know how to prosecute software claims efficiently and effectively has never been more important. Hahn Loeser’s team of experienced patent attorneys with real world engineering expertise and experience with software, networking and automation systems are ready to help. Our attorneys have years of experience evaluating, protecting, enforcing, and litigating software, networking and automation related intellectual property, as well as extensive experience drafting and managing software licenses. We also have successfully fended off attacks by so-called patent trolls in these and a host of other areas.

Design Patents